An Introduction

There are few times in a veteran's life when he or she has the opportunity to walk the places that profoundly shaped the rest of their lives  -  places that have deep meaning for them  -  places with names like:  Khe Sanh * Con Thien * Hue City * A Shau Valley * An Hoa * Chu Lai * Dak To * Pleiku * An Khe * Ban Me Thuot * Ninh Hoa * Nha Trang * Xuan Loc * Iron Triangle * Cu Chi * Tay Ninh * An Loc * Ben Luc * Nui Ta Bec, and many, many more.

The highly experienced, veteran guides of Vietnam Battlefield Tours have walked them all.  We have an outstanding working relationship with the Vietnam government that allows us access to areas previously restricted to other travelers.

Our guides have been back to Vietnam dozens of times and are intimately familiar with the terrain, the battlefields, and the people.

We have escorted American veterans and family members, aged 13 to 84, all of whom had richly rewarding and highly memorable trips.

Each tour is custom-tailored from our time-proven basic itineraries.  This ensures the most complete tour package possible, taking you to the most important places of your particular time or interest in the war.

The Vietnamese have never forgotten the sacrifices by Americans on their behalf.  The Vietnamese people are gracious and sincerely happy to have us with them again.  The scenery is great, the food is delicious and plentiful, and the hotels in which we stay are beautiful and very comfortable.  Your spouse and children would love it, too.

These tours are an outstanding value, making it not only affordable for you to travel, but also to bring other family members.  You can invite your friends to come along, too.  Together we will visit the sites at which we fought and which are written in our collective history.  The price includes everything listed on the itinerary, from Los Angeles (LAX), except your drinks and souvenirs.  Check tour itinerary for pricing.

Remember this: . . . Your price is fixed.  Unlike other tour companies, we never low-ball you and then inflate the price later.  You will know BEFORE you pay.

Post Tours

We offer fabulous post tours to Halong Bay, where you have your choice of ways to explore the "Bay of Descending Dragons".  Stay overnight in a 4-star hotel or aboard a traditional sailing junk.  For the more adventurous, explore the caves and grottoes of Halong Bay by kayak.

Want to visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia, or Bangkok, Thailand?  How about Beijing or Hong Kong, China or Taipei, Taiwan?  We can arrange these and other post tours in Asia.

Remember: if you need to visit any place that is not on the itinerary, please contact us and we will see if we can get you there!  We are always prepared to customize this itinerary.  We will do all we can to satisfy your request and we will tell you if we are able to fulfill your request before you remit your full payment.  We also specialize in creating stand-alone personalized tours for your particular unit or organization, using your dates.  Contact our office to discuss details and the sites of interest to you.

The low cost makes it obtainable.  To come full circle, and to walk in peace, the places of our youth, side-by-side with your fellow veterans  -  priceless!

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