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Tour Day Classifications

VIETNAM Battlefield Tours is not you average Tour Company. We make sure that our participants spend more time "off the bus" and "walking the ground" than any other tour company offering veteran military experiences in Vietnam. With this guiding focus, our participants gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the particular battle or terrain under study.

We do not necessarily run "adventure tours," but to get the most out of our tours - in terms of educational experience and military history - we need to make the tour days accessible to participants based on their relative physical stamina and health.

Therefore, VIETNAM Battlefield Tours has "rated" its individual tour days, according to the degree of physical activity that the participant can expect to encounter. Of course, each participant should always be reminded that no trek, climb, or event participation is mandatory on their part. In this way, if a participant feels he or she cannot (or does not want to) participate in that activity, they can opt out of that particular activity (before the final tour itinerary is set in place) and we will arrange to have something else for them to do (usually relax at the hotel, or have the bus take them shopping or to a cultural event or museum).

Indicates our lowest physical activity level. Class I tour days are geared toward general participation, without assistance, by all but the most handicapped of participants.
Indicates a mid-range level of physical activity. It is geared for those who enjoy hiking, walking and exploring on foot. Those tours require an average level of physical fitness and will include more strenuous hiking and will require some specialized equipment, such as water containers, hiking packs, walking sticks, etc. Class II tour days could include medium-grade hills, crossing small streams and climbing high steps.
Class III:
Indicates our highest level of physical activity and participant involvement. The goal of this class of tour day is to understand to the greatest extent possible the actions and environment endured by the soldiers and Marines involved in the battle, the decisions that were made, and to explore the terrain. This experience may lead through rugged terrain far off the beaten path and usually included prolonged periods in the field requiring each participant to carry basic support materials and equipment. This class may include non-rigged mountain climbing, fording deeper water features, and long treks into areas where medical evacuation is virtually non-existent. As such, Class III tour days are recommended only for those who feel comfortable undertaking such challenges.
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