Rice included with
every meal.

Official Gateway and Alternative Gateways

Our official gateway airport is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

If you desire to depart from a different gateway (listed below), you will incur an additional fee of $200 (Two-hundred Dollars), plus any increase in ticket cost.

These additional costs will be added to your final invoice.

Our Alternative Gateways are as follows:

             ―     Chicago     ―     Houston     ―     San Francisco     ―     Seattle     ―

If you choose from the list of Alternative Gateways (listed above), you accept full responsibility and liability for your travel until joining the tour in Taiwan or Vietnam.  You also accept full responsibility and liability for your travel after leaving the tour in Taiwan or Vietnam.


I agree that I will hold-harmless Vietnam Battlefield Tours (VBT) for any issues that arise from me using an alternative gateway.  I agree that VBT does not assume any liability on my behalf.  I am prepared, at my own risk, to bear any consequences for choosing an alternative gateway.  I release VBT, its employees, guides, servants, and agents from any liability for such consequences.  I agree to reimburse VBT upon demand for any special expenditures or costs in connection with my choosing an alternative gateway.

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