Newsletter - May 2011

Camp Reasoner

Hello to all of our friends.

Vietnam Battlefield Tours began the year with two excellent tours in March and April with over 40 veterans, family and friends.  We covered most of I Corps top to bottom and east to west.  We visited many special locations for individuals that provided a firsthand account for us all.  Both tours had special contributions and enthusiastic participation.

We continue to value your evaluations so we can continue to meet your special needs as we upgrade our efforts.  Most of you know "improvise, adapt and overcome" becomes the daily quote in Vietnam.  Our goal is to limit the unexpected with pre-tour preparation and to solve problems with minimum interruption as we travel along.  We continue to maintain a flexible itinerary that allows for unique discoveries along the way.


Several of the previous tour groups have gathered for reunions.  What special friends we find along the trails we once traveled!  Every tour we learn more and more about the units and you veterans that made the history.  Several of you have recommended we do a Vietnam Battlefield Tours cruise to gather those who have traveled with us the past six years.  We think this is a great idea but we don't want to reinvent the wheel.

Dave and Carole Snider, who have been back twice together (and Doc once on his own), initiated a cruise in 2010.  We went to the Mexican Rivera on a five-day cruise with over 100 participants and celebrated the Marine Corps Birthday aboard ship.  Doc and Carole made the arrangements and billed it as "1st Recon Bn Association USMC Birthday Cruise".  However, anyone who received the flyer was welcome to participate.  We had Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force and Civilians involved for a great time.  So - like I said, let's don't reinvent.

Doc & Carole in Hue

This year, Vietnam Battlefield Tours is partnering with 1st Recon Bn Association as a sponsor of the 2011 cruise and would like to extend an invitation to all who have traveled with VBT the past six years to join us.  We will celebrate November 6-13 on the Ruby Princess out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  For information and reservations contact: Zenith Travel consultants, Marcy Brown, 407-862-1313,

Now - before you get your dander up - keep in mind this is all services, patriots and friends.  We just happen to be coordinating with the Marine Corps Birthday and you are all welcome!  So dress up in your finest dress "uniforms" and join us.

We have set our calendar for 2012 (see below).  Please share this with your friends and your local veteran organizations.  If you need any of us to make a presentation or would like flyer/brochures please give us a call.  We have a full marketing schedule this summer but we will make time for your requests.  Our goal remains "getting veterans back………with the support of family, friends and your VBT staff".

2012 Tour Schedule
12 Feburary - 26 Feburary
Tour now being developed
11 March - 25 March
Northern 1-Corps
15 April - 29 April
Southern 1-Corps
6 May - 20 May
3 June - 17 June
Tour now being developed
2 September - 16 September
Tour now being developed

Thank You

To all of you who have returned to Vietnam with Vietnam Battlefield Tours, we want to thank you for allowing us the honor to walk beside you as you returned to those areas where you spent your youth.  For those of you still thinking about returning, we look forward to the opportunity to take you there.

Ed "Tex" Stiteler, Bob Burke, Bill Stilwagen,
Dave Lytle , Dave "Big Dave" Macedonia and Gene Miller

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